Parent Engagement Plan


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Newport Elementary School


Parent and Family Engagement Plan

*Due to restrictions because of Covid-19, some opportunities are limited*

The philosophy of Newport Elementary is that parental support and cooperation is a vital component of student success and achievement. Research demonstrates that successful schools have significant and sustained levels of parental involvement. The Newport Elementary Parent Involvement Plan is centered on an open door policy which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Parents are invited and encouraged to be on school committees that impact student learning.
    • School Improvement Plan Committee is made up of staff and parents that coordinates a needs assessment and uses this to drive decisions that will impact the total school environment to include how to increase the home-school partnership
    • Site-Based Management Team is comprised of staff and parents to address needs in the school
    • Parent Advisory Council which will plan review, and improve our current family engagement plan and Title 1 program
    • Parent-managed PTO which is a volunteer organization that fundraises and support the total school improvement plan
  • Parents will be given school information in a timely manner.
    • Student progress reports and report cards
    • Parent conferences throughout year
    • School Report Cards
    • School Improvement Plan is posted on website and available for parents to view on NCStar
    • Title I requirements and guidelines; parental rights; notifications
    • MTSS (Multi-Tier Systems of Support) meetings with individual parents
    • NC End-of-Grade test results
    • IEP meetings
  • Parents will be invited and encouraged to attend regular parent meetings at convenient times.
    • School Improvement Plan meetings
    • Parent Advisory Council meetings
    • PTO meetings
    • Informational sessions designed for specific purposes
    • Individual parent conferences
    • Open House and Club informational meetings
    • Awards ceremonies
    • Coordinated Community/School Events
    • Title I Informational Meetings held in both the Fall and Spring- meeting information will be posted 10 days prior on our school website and social media accounts
  • Frequent and effective communication, both formal and informal, will be established with parents.
    • School/Parent/Student compacts
    • Parent conferences
    • Classroom newsletters
    • School and classroom web pages
    • School social media and other communication apps
    • Parent involvement activities
    • Automated phone calls with information and invitations to school/class events
    • Parent surveys
    • Teacher and administrator phone calls
    • ELL activities and specific programs
    • Information translated into other languages as needed.
  • Parents will have the opportunity to learn more to help them better understand how to support their children excel in school.
    • Open House(s)
    • Volunteer training
    • Parent nights about specific content areas
    • Make-and-Take workshops
    • Parenting classes
    • Parent Involvement activities
    • Parent resource center
  • Parent will have access to what their child is learning, what materials are being used and how they are being assessed throughout the school year
    • ELA
      • Curriculum: IntoReading, Fundations, Phonics for Reading, Heggerty for phonemic awareness, level literacy, Spire, Making Connections, Quick Reads. Hill Center
      • Assessment: K-3 MClass Assessments, 4-5 Fastbridge Assessments and NC Check-ins, K-5 formal and informal reading assessments to measure standard specific areas of need,
    • Math

§ Curriculum: NC Tools for Teachers, Dreambox, SpringMath, NumberWorlds, MobyMax

§ Assessment: K-5 Fastbridge Assessments, 3-5 NC Check-ins, K-5 formal and informal math assessments to measure standard specific areas of need

  • Faculty and staff will encourage parent involvement and participation.
    • Parent volunteer opportunities
    • Field trip invitations
    • Class event invitations
    • Parent education nights
    • Parent involvement activities
    • Parent conferences
    • Student performances (choir, drama club, etc.)
  • Parents will be involved in the creation, review, and utilization of the Newport Elementary Parent Compact